Chapter 15


A friend from New Mexico sent me a little booklet from the Islamic Propagation Center in Saudi Arabia entitled What is His Name? by Ahmed Deedat. He promotes the Islamic faith of worshipping Allah; some believe this is a variation of Ellah, Eloah. In the book he quotes Ellen G. White the prophetess of the early Seventh-day Adventist church;

"Learned men had in some instances changed the words, [of Scripture] thinking that they were making it plain, when in reality they were mystifying that which was plain." Early Writings p. 220, 221

This is mainly referring to the change of the name, to Lord etc.

His book attacks Christianity (which Rome is the heart of), because of its paganism borrowed from Mithraism, Druidism, Essenism and Gnostiism. I don't agree with everything in this little booklet, but the point I wanted to make is that he (an Arab) showed the name to be "Ya Huwa".

Back when I lived in Texas, a friend of mine, Bill Matheson and I, made a visit to the Dallas Theological Seminary Library, where I introduced him to a lady that worked there, that spoke Arabic. I asked her what something read in Arabic, and she told me. During the conversation, brother Bill asked her how she read the set-apart name from her Arabic Bible in Exodus 6:3. Without hesitation she said, "Ya Huwa". Bill replied, "Yahuwah"? She said, "No, it's Ya Huwa". She pointed out how the accent was a little bit different.

We were somewhat amazed, and thought it quite interesting, that they didn't try covering it up, like the Jews.

Summary of the Historic Testimonies of a "wah" Sound
at the End of the Name

Yava - Arizona Indians

Iaua / Yaua - Syriac, Greek and Assyrian

Ioua / Iova - Sabbitarians on Iona 7th century

Jova - Roman scholars

Yova - Turks

Yowa - Cherokee Indians

Yuah /Y'wa /Yuwa -Karen of Burma

Yuva - Corbusier refers to the Havasupai

Yuva - The word young in Sanskrit,(tying in

Jeva - Hottinge. with juvenile & Jove)

Tawa / Taiowa - Pueblo, Hopi

Yo He Wah - Adair's History of American Indians p.218

Yohoua - Raymundus Martini 1278 C.E. Iohouah - Porchetus de Salvations 1303 C.E

lehovah - Peter Galitinus 1516 C.E.

Yahoyah - deity of Bear Clan at Shongopovi

Chihoowah - Chickasaw Indians

Ya Huwa - Arabs

Yehuwa - Indonesian

Greek Writers

Iccode - Clement of Alexandria

Iape - Theodoret & Epiphanius

Iae - Origen

Iao -Iranaeus

Ieuo - Philo

Jove - Homer

Jave - Ante-Nicene Fathers


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